Without a doubt, my favorite trail at Lula Lake is the High Adventure Trail. Perched up at the northern end of the property, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the old railroad grade, far from the parking lot, picnic tables, privy and shed, set with ropes to aid in its steep ascent of the rocky hillside, sprinkled with snug little viewsheds into the gorge, and capped with a spectacular vista from the quiet end of the bluff… Yes, it must be the High Adventure Trail!

Jedi Trail - Kat

Kat Volzer, 2016

Only now I’m thinking of the North Creek Trail with its cozy tunnels of hemlock, mysteriously shaded rock overhangs, intimate proximity with the creek and easy access to wading pools, abundant rhododendron and mountain laurel, sharp little bends with brief but steep ups and downs… That’s right, it’s certainly the North Creek Trail. 

Alas, how could I forget? My preferred trail at Lula Lake is indubitably the one and only Jedi Trail! Yes, this must be it. Careening curves along the wooded hillside remind me of a bobsled track. I often see deer, hawks and other critters making their way through this subtle green corridor before peeling off safely into more dense forest above and below. Somehow the Jedi is silent, even in mid-afternoon. I often find myself lost here, in a good and wholesome way, submerged beneath such a protective canopy of oak, maple, tulip poplar and so many other generous tree friends. Indeed, it is the Jedi Trail I fancy most. 

Hold on there, why must I pick a favorite at all when I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Lula Lake’s trails have to offer and haven’t even mentioned the South Creek, New Falls, Turkey and numerous other footpaths whose charms abound?

That settles this silly charade. I’ll simply claim a different favorite every time I go.  

By: Holleytree Roberts

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