The Lula Lake Land Trust promotes sound land conservation principles and practices by establishing long-term biological monitoring, encouraging basic and advanced scientific research and inquiry, creating informative educational offerings and working closely with neighboring landowners and the surrounding community to protect the rural and natural character of the landscape. To this end, the Land Trust will address the following priorities:

Monitoring and Research

  1. Work with state agencies and NGO’s, such as The Nature Conservancy, to assess existing natural resource information for the Trust and develop monitoring procedures for species of concern.
  2. Continue or establish working relationships with local and regional colleges, universities, and research institutions to conduct baseline biotic and abiotic inventories and surveys within the Trust property and to identify and prioritize additional research interests.
  3. Assist the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga faculty and students, The Chattanooga Chestnut Tree Project, and representatives from the American Chestnut Foundation in conducting research on existing American chestnut trees within the Trust property, and to serve as a study site for forest plantings of experimental hybrid trees.

Education and Programming

  1. Continue and expand plans with existing education programs, such as those offered by The Tennessee Aquarium and the Tennessee Wildlife Center, for field trips and outings to Trust properties.
  2. Contact local public and private schools and other organized groups to develop plans for the use of Trust properties as an outdoor lab or field trip study site.
  3. Continue and expand public access and enjoyment of Trust properties by promoting its schedule of monthly “Open Days” and special events at the Trust.
  4. Expand volunteer opportunities at the Trust by recruiting interested individuals to plan and assist with educational programming and special events at the Trust.
  5. Publish a semiannual Trust newsletter that includes a schedule of educational outings and volunteer opportunities.

Land Protection

  1. Complete and implement the conservation management plan for the Trust property by establishing specific management goals, objectives, and protocols.
  2. Expand the volunteer work opportunities that address Trust stewardship and management needs by engaging groups and individuals on specific projects throughout the year.
  3. Assist The Nature Conservancy of Georgia in stewardship activities on properties within the Rock Creek watershed that are protected by conservation easements.
  4. Provide information and assistance to landowners interested in land conservation and protection.