Mike Pollock — Executive Director

Pat Kelly — Land Manager

Kathryn “Kat”  Volzer — Director of Development and Communications

Board of Trustees:

Brad Cobb — Chairman

Richard Park, Jr. — Treasurer

Bill Chapin

Elliott Davenport, Sr.

Bobby Davenport, Jr.

Dr. Bill Hartley

Jarret Kinder

Mark McKnight

Adelaide D. Naumann

Karen Welborn

Ginny Kelly

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  1. Blake Leonard says:

    I would just like to say thank you for re-opening the land for public access! My father always told stories of the place [some not so nice] he grew up riding his bicycle and following the old railroad back in there from chattanooga valley. I would just like to see people fishing and more hiking. I would love to get some kind of permission to hike on days other than the first or last saturday of the month. Anyways thank you for preserving something so beautiful and still granting access.

  2. Hi Blake,
    Thanks for your nice comments. We have nearly 40 miles of trails that are open for hiking 7 days a week along the Cloudland Canyon Connector Trail – see the maps section for details. We wish we could have the core property open more often also, but currently our resources only allow for the two open gate days a month. Come see us!
    Thank you,
    Tricia King-Mims
    Development Director

  3. Lolly Durant says:

    Thank you Lula Lake Staff & Board of Directors for providing the opportunity for school groups and camps to hike the trails, picnic in the eating areas and feast on the sounds and smells of the surrounding forest. The Jewish Cultural Center, Philanthropy Camp enjoyed a glorious day at Lula Lake. I believe that the children~ 70 + counselors and adults will return and share their adventure of hiking and exploring the woods. It was great to have an additional port-a-potty in the parking area. My suggestion is to have another potty placed in the parking area to help accommodate your increase of hiking families.
    Lolly Durant

  4. Lolly, thank you for the nice comment! We are so glad your group enjoyed the visit, and we appreciate the feedback and suggestion for improvement. Come back again!

  5. Gary Petty says:

    Does any of the DRT extend into the Lula Lake Land Trust property? Do you have any information as to how long the DRT is? Is there a place or person that I can get a map of the trial from?


  6. Web Guy says:

    Ah, Durham Railroad Track… yes, the old rail bed does run through the Trust. You can find several maps in our Master Plan. It appears on USGS Topographic Maps as Old Railroad Grade.

  7. A. B. Dickas says:

    Am working on contract book re informative fossil sites to visit in USA. The Paleozoic Era fossil plants of Durham area sound most interesting. Does your trust have any plans to allow public into the area of the fossils on a periodic or daily basis — even on an inspection visit only (no collecting)?

    Thank you

    • Hello, we do allow visits to the fossil area, usually organized groups will come. If you would like to visit the fossil site, please call 423.991.8368 and we can make arrangements.
      Thank you!
      Tricia King Mims
      Development Director

  8. I used to swim, hike, and bike up there as a child. It’s one of the first places I took my wife to in Chattanooga when we got married almost 16 years ago. This coming weekend (Oct 28, 2017) is open gate day, and I’m bringing my family (with 2 teenage daughters) all the way from Kentucky to enjoy the area. I’m so excited, I feel like a child!

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