Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Lula Lake Land Trust? Lula Lake Land Trust is conserved land, protected through a mixture of Trust ownership, private conservation easement, and dedicated State Park lands. For more information, please visit our history.
  • How can I support Lula Lake Land Trust?
    There are three major ways you can support us:
    1. Donate- You can donate online through Paypal, or you may send a check to P.O. Box 395, Lookout Mountain, TN 37350. Please do not send cash through the mail. Your donations help us continue to preserve this beautiful land land and expand our public programs and outreach. Your donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!
    2. Sponsor- If you own a business and would like to donate, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities. We accept sponsorships for several programs such as special events and our newsletters. We also accept gift-in-kind donations of several items.
    3. Volunteer- Want to support Lula Lake in a different way? We’re always looking for volunteers to help with staffing Open Gate Day, Founder’s Weekend, and other events. Contact us to ask more about volunteer opportunities.
  • What are the different properties you have? We own what we call the Core Property (Where Open Gate Days take place) as well as have several other properties that are partnerships such as the Cloudland Connector Trail and Five Points. Please visit our maps to learn more.
  • How can I get some Lula Lake swag? We have stickers available for free at all Open Gate Days and other events where we might have an information booth set up. Stop by, say hello, and grab a sticker! We also have them at our office during regular business hours. Please call us at (706) 820-0520 to make sure someone is there. If you live far away, just drop us a line with your address and we’ll send you one! From time to time, we may have special promotional items either for sale or as a thank you to our donors. Check back often for updates!

FAQ about the Core Property and Open Days

  • When is the Land Trust core property open? Our Open Days are generally the first and last Saturday of each month, except certain holidays. We recently added a few Sundays to the Open Day schedule as well. Check the events page for the most recent schedule.
  • What are your hours? Open Day Saturdays are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays are from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. The entrance gate closes at 4:00 p.m. on Open Days and all visitors must exit by 5:00.
  • Why do I have to check in at Open Gate Day?  By signing in, we can get a good snapshot of how many people are on the property, where they came from, and how they heard about us.  This data helps us apply for grants and provides us a wealth of knowledge for other potential programs.
  • Is there an admission price for Open Gate Day?  Open Gate Days are free and open to the public.  We strongly encourage and happily accept donations.  These donations help us continue to offer Open Gate days to the public by providing staffing support, supplies, and support for events and programming.  We accept cash, check and credit cards!
  • Are pets allowed? Pets are welcome and must remain on a leash at all times.
  • Can we swim in Lula Lake? Sorry, no swimming in the lake, but you can wade in Rock Creek and splash in the spray under Lula Falls.
  • Why isn’t Lula Lake always open? When it’s not an Open Day, Lula Lake Land Trust is reserved for organized educational and recreational activities in keeping with our mission. We host Scout troops, school field trips, research projects, workshops, and similar activities during the week and on non-open weekends. For the safety of these groups, the core property is closed to the public except for the Open Days.
  • What about private events like weddings? As a conservation property, we must minimize the impact to the landscape, and reserve it for purposes consistent with our non-profit mission. Therefore, we do not host events like weddings, graduation parties, etc.

Cloudland Connector Trail FAQ

  • When is the CCT open? Through our partnership with Georgia State Parks, all 60 miles of the Connector Trail system are open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk!
  • Where do I park? What about camping? The CCT has four trailheads for parking: Nick-A-Jack, Five Points, Ascalon, and the State Park. Camping is available inside Cloudland Canyon State Park, where the terminus trailhead is located. Day users can park at any trailhead for a modest $5 per vehicle, per day. An annual pass is a great option if you plan to frequent the trails (visit Georgia State Parks website for details).
  • What types of uses are permitted? The 14-mile primary Connector Trail, in bright green on the maps, supports hiking, biking, and horseback. Other trails are limited to hiking and biking; some are hiking only.