Ideal for multiple uses, and particularly well-suited for horseback riding, Phase I of the Connector Trail stretches from the Nick-A-Jack Road trailhead, across Highway 157, and enters the Five Points area. Winding through the lovely Long Branch Preserve and with up-close views of the highest point on Lookout Mountain (appropriately named High Point), Phase I is perfect for a family day hike or for beginning a longer journey that explores the entire Cloudland Connector Trail system.

GEO Directions to Trailheads

Nick-A-Jack (85°23’28.6”W 34°53’55.2”N)
Lat,Long: 34.898667,-85.391278

5 Points (85°25’26.6”W 34°51’02.7”N)
Lat,Long: 34.850750,-85.424056

Map Download

CCT Phase I: Nick-A-Jack to Five Points (PDF)