Cloudland Connector Trail FAQ

  • When is the CCT open? Through our partnership with Georgia State Parks, all 60 miles of the Connector Trail system are open seven days a week, from dawn to dusk!
  • Where do I park? What about camping? The CCT has four trailheads for parking: Nick-A-Jack, Five Points, Ascalon, and the State Park (geographic coordinates and map links are available, below). Camping is available inside Cloudland Canyon State Park, where the terminus trailhead is located. Day users can park at any trailhead for a modest $5 per vehicle, per day. An annual pass is a great option if you plan to frequent the trails (visit Georgia State Parks website for details).
  • What types of uses are permitted? The 14-mile primary Connector Trail, in bright green on the maps, supports hiking, biking, and horseback. Other trails are limited to hiking and biking; some are hiking only.

GEO Directions to Cloudland Connector Trailheads

5 Points (85°25’26.6”W 34°51’02.7”N)
Lat,Long: 34.850750,-85.424056

Ascalon (85°26’19.4”W 34°50’13.0”N)
Lat,Long: 34.836944,-85.438722

Cloudland State Park (85°28’48.6”W 34°49’24.6”N)
Lat,Long: 34.823500,-85.480167

Nick-A-Jack (85°23’28.6”W 34°53’55.2”N)
Lat,Long: 34.898667,-85.391278

Map Download

Cloudland Connector Trail: Overview (PDF)