The Moonshine Trails are the newest trail system on Lookout Mountain.  Completed in July 2017, the Moonshine Trails feature 8.1 miles of singletrack, including the Chattanooga Connector Trail.  The Chattanooga Connector Trail (beginner) connects Lula Lake Land Trust Core Property to Covenant College and the National Park Service trails.  The Moonshine Trails feature three advanced trails (Firewater, White Lightning, and Bathtub Gin) for an added challenge.

Parking for the Moonshine Trails is at the Covenant College soccer fields on Scenic Highway.  Please keep in mind that Lula Lake Land Trust is still only accessible to the public on the first and last weekends of the month.  Please check our calendar for Open Gate Days.

Users can continue to Cloudland Canyon State Park and 5 Points via the Chattanooga Connector Trail.  When exiting the Chattanooga Connector Trail, head south (right) on Lula Lake road for approximately one mile.  Turn left on Nick-A-Jack road and continue for approximately one mile.  The Cloudland Connector Trailhead will be on your right on Nick-A-Jack road.

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Moonshine Trails Map (PDF)